Tuesday, March 6, 2012

33 weeks & Deja Vu...

My two handsome men! This is the only photo I have back from our family photos last week, and I love it!

I asked the photographer to rush it for me so I could use it to surprise Les
with a birthday announcement for his 29th Birthday this week!

And because I think he's so darn cute dressed like a little man

here's a photo of Logan from last week:

I was 33 weeks on Friday, here I am, getting big! And uncomfortable!

I had a BUSY weekend, it was my sister's birdal shower and I was up on my feet Friday, Saturday & Sunday doing WAY too much!
The shower turned out great and I will be sharing photos as soon as I have some!

Did I mention I am the MOH in my sister's wedding April 28th THIS YEAR, as in 8 days past my due date!? Yup stressful! I'm hoping for an easy delviery and quick recovery!

I saw Dr.J today, I've been monitoring my blood pressure and watching it slowly creep up since Friday. In the office today it was 144/103, thats HIGH. After some rest and switching arms it was 138/89; better but still elevated from my 120s/70s. I've noticed some minimal swelling in my hands and feet, but nothign overly concerning.

I was very open with Dr.J and told him how much this scared me. I reminded him that I was induced at 35 weeks with L for pre-e and how quickly I got very sick. I told him perhaps I was paranoid. He thinks my history and symptoms warrant closer monitoring, so I will be seeign him weekly now and getting an NST this Friday as well.

I have NOTHING ready for this baby, so its going to be hard for me to "stay off my feet and relax" as he instructed. I will do my best but I'm thinking if I get everything including my hospital bag organized this weekend perhaps I will truly be able to relax (minus the basement renos underway, advanced stats course I'm taking and having a 2 year old!).