Monday, March 26, 2012

Eliya Update

Eliya is doing great, however we are still in the hospital.
Its been really tough on me to be away from Logan for so long.
Tonight he called and said he wanted to go to our house with mama and Ellie,
he wanted to know why his sister had to stay at the hospital instead of in her crib.
Its so hard to answer that question, she's just not ready buddy!

Here's my pretty little girl! I already bouht her some sweet little bows, and my mom and sisters
have started the girly shopping!
We thought we would be leaving on Sunday, and then Ellie's bilirubin level came back.
She has jaundice. We thought after 24 hrs of treatment we would be headed home
today, but her levels went up despite the phototherapy.
I am one emotional mama about all of this. I know me sweet girl needs this time and attention and I will do anything she needs. But its hard. Really hard.
My sister, Dee had to leave without getting to hold or spend time with Ellie, she only breifly met her in the delivery room. My sister Nee came to town yesterday and has to leave by Wednesday morning, I really hope that Ellie is ready to go home tomorrow and we can enjoy this time as a family. I am very lucky that I was able to get a care by parent room in the NICU, however its isolating. Only grandparents are allowed to visit. My mom has L all weekend so she couldn't. She came up for sometime tonight and that was really nice. But I want to be home.

Logan was allowed one visit. He was excited to see his sister. He kissed her and helped LEs give her supplement. He was very sweet and he is continuously asking for her.
I am absolutely overjoyed with my daughter, I still can't believe I have a girl!

I feel incredibly blessed by my family. These last few days have been very stressful and emotional but it hasn't in the least taken away from the joy Eliya has brought our family.
We figure she is trying to be just like her big brother, wanting to experience all the things he did when born! One thing she's taking after her brother in is her eating skills!
Yesterday, Day 3, her weight loss was 3.9% and today she GAINED weight. That is amazing at 4 days! Clearly my milk is in LOL. She's not being supplemented at all and we are feeding on demand, I'm waking her at 3 hrs if she goes that far. She sleeps well in between and has had some alert time in the evenings the last two days. I hope that time is spent at home with her aunties and brother tomorrow!