Thursday, February 23, 2012

32 weeks & doing well!

Here's Mr.Logan on Valentine's Day. My sister (Auntie Nee) loves to spoil him and sent an edible arrangment for us! We all loved it, especially L!

This boy is non stop fun these days! The things he says and comes up with blow me away. He is beyond "talking" you can have full conversations and he can articulate very well. His manners are great, he's busy tho! And he has the memory of an elephant! Seriously!

He truly is my world, and as the big day apporaches I'm starting to worry about just how this new little person is going to affect him. I know he will transition OK, and that he will do fine, in the end. However I hate the thought of missing any moments with him, and I know in all of reality, I will.

He talks about the baby a lot, he still says its a girl. He seems excited, I hope thats a good sign!

Time if flying by! And we are BUSY, we are officially working on the basement, I am trying so hard to get this upstairs in a working order. I have been sick for over 2 weeks with a nasty cold/cough I just can't shake. Plus remember grad school!? LOL I have a midterm next week! We have a few other exciting things going on as well, and I really HOPE to start writing my, even if no one is left reading I love looking back on my memories of L and need to do the same for Ducky!

Some pictures to catch us up!

30 weeks

31 weeks

32 weeks

I'm carrying much lower then I was with L. This has been a much different pregnancy altogether! I will do the survery since its been awhile:

How far along? 32 weeks!

Total Weight Gain? 15 lbs, this is a few lbs less then with L, however I started out a bit heavier

Maternity Clothes? Oh yes, everything! I bought myself a few new cute things and thats it!

Stretch Marks? I don't think I have too many new ones yet!

Sleep? Not good, I'm exhausted all.the.time. Luckily L still naps well so I nap most days, nights I'm up every 2 hrs and havign a VERY hard time falling asleep.

Best Moment this week? We did maternity family photos! I didn't do any with L so I'm so excited to see these!

Food Cravings? applesauce, grapes, sweets in general.

Gender? I still think girl, maybe!

Labour Signs? Nope sore and crampy, not sure if thats normal or not. Nothing consistent tho, lots of pressure and BHs!

Belly Button? The right side sticks out a bit!

What I miss the most? sleep, not having heartburn!

What am I looking forward to the most? Seeing L be a big brother, finding our if Ducky is a he or a she!

Milestones? making it this far and juggling school, home, work!


Laney said...

You look awesome! Logan is adorable!

Kitty said...

You look good and 15lbs total is AWESOME!!! Your son and my daughter are close in age! :) Enjoy that little one all you can now! He's so super cute! :)