Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fall 2010 Family Photos

We are so very blessed that Logan's godmother, and my "aunt" (by love not blood) is such a talented photographer. She has done Logan's photos since birth. This fall we decided to do
family photos, we hadn't done any since L was 10 days old. I am beyond
thrilled with how they turned out.
This first one is one of my favourites of L on his own, its just so pure and candid, it captures him
so perfectly right now. He loves trains and cars!

He melts my heart with that smile!

I could just kiss him all day!

These are our family ones...I can't decide which one to enlarge for our home and
which to use in our Christmas cards, help me pick!

It snowed here yesterday! Nothing stuck around but the flakes were so pretty!


Jillian said...

These are beautiful!!

Elizabeth said...

gorgeous photos and family! i like either the 3rd one of all of you or the last one as the Christmas card.

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Mitzi G. said...

The photos are AMAZING & I love them all!!!