Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve at our house

This year Christmas Eve was a little different, Les and I both had to work this Christmas (we aer strongly exploring career changes of different sorts in hopes that perhaps it won't always be this way). However we worked around it and had a wonderful holiday!
This year we celebrated Christmas Eve on December 23rd, this meant no mass, which is
usually a very important part of our tradition, along with visiting the grandparents. Instead we stayed in and did our traiditons slowly and enjoyed every moment of just the 3 of us!
Logan helped put the last few "special" ornaments on the tree. We have a tradition of getting a family keepsake each year from Bronners Christmas Village, as well as one for Logan. We add this years to the tree on Christmas Eve!

Its hard to see but Logan is holding his ornament in this pictures, its a train that says
"The Logan Express 2010" on it.
Each year I pick our a Hallmark ornament for Logan. I will try to chose an ornament that symbolizes that year. I have a special book that I write a letter to him in each year explaining why I picked that years ornament.
Logan gets to open his ornament on Christmas Eve! Along with his new Christmas PJs

This year his ornament was a mickey mouse riding a train. This represents his first trip to Disney in March as well as his current love of trains.
Another tradition my mom started with us was to decorate a birthday cake for jesus. I really want Logan to understand the true meaning of Christmas.
Here we are, Logan's ready to work in his elf hat & apron set!

Sprinkles on the cake!
The final product!

Logan was just interested in eating it! I try to limit his sugar/candy but this boy has a
serious sweet tooth!
After a bath and he gets into his new christmas pjs
daddy reads the night before christmas

Then of course we leave out milk & cookies for Santa

Can I try just one mama? Santa won't mind!

He is my joy. I love this boy with such a force its breath taking. This holiday season
has been magical. He has been amazing, despite having a nasty christmas cold, complete
with dried out snotty nose, chapped cheeks and a horrible cough he has been in am amazing
mood. He has been loving and sweet, and just so enjoyable.
He has been sleeping pretty good and I think has finally got his nap thing worked out, sleeping about 12-3pm and going to bed like a charm.
Watch for our Christmas Day post to come soon!
I hope all of your holidays were magical as well!


Jillian said...

I'm glad you guys had a great Christmas even if you had to work!!

Mitzi G. said...

He is too precious!! Merry Christmas!