Saturday, December 18, 2010

Visit with Santa!

In our house we believe in Santa, I love the spirit of St.Nicholas. I hope that we are able to raise Logan to be giving all year round. I love Christmas, we decorate the hosue and work hard to get everyone something special. Its a tradition that I love.
We also don't forget the true meaning of the season, and on Cristmas Eve we bake a birthday cake for Jesus and talk about how important this day is to us as Christians.
I can't wait to do all of these traditions again this year.
This week we brought Logan to see Santa. I thought he would like it. He doesn't really
play shy too much. He has really been getting excited about Santa. he says "hohoho" anytime he
sees a red santa hat. Even while we were waiting in line he was pointing to Santa and saying it...
But when our turn came to see the big guy...

He wasn't too sure about him!
He gave me big puppy dog eyes!
He tried really hard to get away!
And then he cried....
Poor baby.
I actually think this is priceless. The moment he was back in my arms he was just fine and
saying hohoho again. Well I guess we will chalk that up as one for the memory book!
And for nostalgia sake, here is the little guy last year with Santa...


Mitzi G. said...

We are hoping to take Brayden tomorrow to see the big guy & I think that we have have the same thing happen!

Jillian said...

Em did good last year too, this year, not so much!