Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Days :)

I know receantly I have written a few posts about how we are struggling a bit. Perhaps I am focusing too much on what I feel I'm not achieving, too much on the negative. Perhaps I need to focus on the fun, remind myself of how in love we all really are. Life just gets too busy some days and you forget about the little things, and the little things often really are the best. I'm going to keep it real, its not all puppy dogs and rainbows, life is tough, being a mommy is the hardest work ever, and in the same moment the greatest joy I have ever known.

We have lots of fun, we shop and celebrate our Canadian and Filipino heritage!
We do day trips to the zoo and ride on the carousel, which my boy LOVED.

We bath with our baby. He loves it, he loves the water deep, up to his neck, he sticks his head under the faucet. He splashes and plays, and blows bubbles in the water. I read an awesome blog a while back, if I can find the linky later I will add it. Its a daddy and he wrote about how children need our love, our attention and touch. A loving touch does so much for their young souls, we drown him in kisses and affection.
I have 14 more pages to do in Logan's first year book, and then many more for the next! I can't wait till its done, not sure if I will make my Christmas deadline or not!
However I have found many other things I can do with my scraping, including these mug inserts! last year for Christmas I made Les a mug, as well as the grandparents. These are starbucks mugs, you can buy similar ones a bit cheaper at Target or Meijers. Of course you could make any insert, but I love how these turned out! I made mine first and then Les asked for one too!

This is my mug!
I just found a template online for photoshop (it was free!) and went to work, here is Les'
And here is mine before it went in the mug....
Everyone at work always comments on these, and of course I love to look at my family when I am away from them!