Sunday, January 22, 2012

busy days, carseats & 27 weeks!!

Now that I am home with L I am not sendign him to daycare very much, only a few days

a month when I have school and Les is working days.

I'm trying really hard to do fun engaging activities with him, he's a little sponge these days and

learning so much so quickly! He can spell his name, count to 13 (he keeps going but not in the correct order). Knows all his shapes and colours and we are working on letter recognition!

Last week he was a little under the weather with a cold but acted fine, kids are just

so resilient! We did some painting and I cut up the papers to write thank you notes

for all his Christmas gifts! He loved it! My next task his to find a fun Valentines craft!

I'm 27 weeks! I think I hit another growth spurt (or, er, Ducky did!) I FEEL so big. Ducky is

so busy in there, Les and Logan have both felt kicks now! Logan's face was

priceless. He asks me everyday when the baby is coming out, he's so sweet.

He alway's calls the baby a she and insists he's getting a sister, I'm fairly certain

he will adjust just fine with a brother or sister!

13 more weeks (hopefully a TINY bit less!) and we will find out if its pink or blue!

I took this photo of L today in the car, I wanted to share it:

I'm pretty particular about car seat safety. Pictures of kids with loose straps and bulky coats drive me crazy! logan is 30 months this week (OMG!!), he is still rear facing with plenty

of room to grow in a Graco MyRide 65, he weighs 29 lbs and is 35.5". He is using his carseat poncho in this photo, although he usually quickly says he's hot and throws it off.

My friend got a kick out of this photo and posted this for me on facebook, LOL!

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