Saturday, January 7, 2012

25 weeks & my superhero

My sister got Logan this super hero cape for Christmas! He loves it! And I must admit I love it on him too!
I got the best compliment from my little man the other day, he said "mama you are superhero just like me!", who doesn't want to be their little ones hero?
I love this kid more then words can say!
I'm 25 weeks! We've reached viability, my ultrasound this week showed that while my cervix is shorter then previously its still within the acceptable range (just). Bedrest seems to be helping, I still get occasional cramps and discomfort, espcially if I am up too much. But for the most part they are less frequent and less intense. I hope it stays that way for 10-12 more weeks!

How far along? 25 weeks
Total Weight Gain? About 8lbs I think.
Maternity Clothes? YES everything except panties and Pjs!
Stretch Marks? Just lots of leftovers from Logan!
Sleep? Just OK. I have been having some insomnia where I can't fall asleep until about 2-3am, which is TOUGH. I also wake to go to the washroom a lot and have been having a lot of general discomfort.
Best Moment this week? Logan's reaction to seeing Ducky at the ultrasound. He said "there's OUR baby!" and then the baby started moving its hands around he said "she's waving at me! and waved back!" It was so sweet, I'm glad we had to take him!
Movement? Lots everyday, mostly when I'm still late at night. You can even see it from the outside now! I've been feeling him or her having the hiccups
(or pick ups as Logan calls them!) as well!
Food Cravings? Lemonade, cupcakes, salt and vinegar kettle chips
Gender? I don't know!
Labour Signs? cramps and occasional contractions, stay away!
Belly Button? very shallow
I miss the most? shopping, our hoped for family getaway and wine!
What am I looking forward to the most? Having two little ones in my arms!
Milestones? reaching viability!

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