Sunday, January 1, 2012

Basement Renovation!

We officially are running out of room! I will post some actual home pictures very soon! However, Logan is now in a big boy room (kind of, he mostly cosleeps still) and the nursery, that was meant to be for all of our babies is a play room. A well stocked full playroom!
We have no where to put poor ducky. Our plan has been to at least do a basic finish on the basement and to have Ducky in the pack n play in our room for the first few months.
Well the New Year is here and mama's nesting is in full force! I have no where for this baby! I can't prepare clothes, set up a room, I Ccan't do anything and its got me emotional!
We need to get a move on these reno's! We have TONS of plans, and ideas, its time to set them into action, to make them reality~and due to my current activity restrictions my reliance on my husband and FIL (my ILs are helping us A LOT with this project!) is making me crazy!
Our dream basement inlcudes (in my eyes, I'm still trying to convince DH and the ILs this is necessary) a beautiful laundry room
Complete with a craft and gift wrapping area!

Right now all of my gift wrap, stationary and crafting things are between boxes
in the crawl space and Ducky's closet! Neither of which are very practical!
But for now I would like them to at least dry wall and tile the room, and
build a closet around my furnace, to at least have it started, the cabinets can come later!
(I'm being realistic budget and time wise here!)
I also dream of a pantry/storage closet. I've convinced DH, mostly. We will have a 6x6 foot
storage room, for now it will be tiled and drywalled/painted, the shelving and/or
cabinets will be another addition in the future, none the less we have some plain
stacking shelves to put in the and I can CLOSE THE DOOR!
This will be ideal for those small appliances not used often and bulk shopping of house hold supplies and non perishables!
Storage is a real issue and this tiny room is going to help a lot!
We also have grand plans for a wet bar, we would like a sink and at least a mini fridge,
perhaps even a basic full size fridge, this would be great for the holidays & parties!
We plan to have it go against one wall, and have no seating, it will be almost
like a butler's pantry. The cabinets will likely be in white, as this is my current colour scheme, although I would love some input from my readers (if I have any left!)
But again, for now we will rough in the plumbing and just have walls, the wet bar
area will be a future addition.
I would love to have some floor to ceiling cabinets or built ins along one long wall
we have down there. These little gems are all ikea cabinets!
As I said, storage is an issue. I can imagine hiding tons, from books, to toys, to linen in a wall full of these!However that too, is a future addition, for now we are sticking to the basics, which will
still be a great space (I hope!)
We are using some Christmas money we were gifted to have a gas fireplace installed! We know that installing this later will mean a lot more work and back tracking,
so we are splurging for it now!
Its going to make it so warm and cozy down there!
We would like to do a stone surround, either up to the mantle or all the way up to the ceiling, which do you prefer?
We would also like to have "built ins" around it, with cabinets on the bottoms and shelving on the top, we will hide electronics, board games, DVDS, etc in the cabinets!
Les wants to eventually mount a giant TV above the fireplace as well.
I would also like a nice thick white mantel, I'm really liking white for all the cabinets down there as well. I feel like basements tend to be dark and dreary, I'm thinking stone, greyish walls and white cabinets, with medium coloured floors, will give a nice bright fresh look.
Again, my dream and one days vs. the current reality mean we will have a working fireplace with only dry wall around it and spaces to one day add cabinets, a mantle and stone.
For flooring we have made a (toughish) decision to do all tile, we found some great wood grain tile available in two different sizes, either
or 8" x 32"
this will give the appearance of wood but the durability of tile. We will eventually have a large throw rug in the family room area; and I will be putting down those foams mats in the playroom.
These are the 3 different tile choices that we like, which do you think would look best? I don't want too dark we have a medium maple upstairs, and dark shows WAY too much of my white kitty's hair and dust! I'm thinking we are going with the smaller size, I know its means more tile, but I think it looks more like wood.

I'm eager to at least get a start. I have a clearish vision, I can't get Les to commit to a goal date as of yet, which is scary and frusturating to this mama! I want to get ready for baby and thats on hold until we have a finished basement.
However in a few months (I'm hoping) we will have newly finsihed walls and floors, a guest room, a storage room, a fireplace and a bathroom. We will still have a lot of work and additions to make before its the basement of our dreams, but I think that alone will be a great start! We will be creating a play area for Logan as well down there, which is very much needed!
I will post photos and updates as we go, I'm really hopeful the basement is complete before Ducky is here!


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