Thursday, July 7, 2011

Logan's turning 2!! Party post!

My baby is turning two! I still cannot believe this!

While I am SUPER crazy busy with work and preparing for my lactation exam,

which is the day after L's birthday I also have to do a bit of work for his party!

Because of my exam his party will be a week late, but of course we will have cake on his actual birthday and maybe just a nice little dinner the 3 of us!

We are havign a cowboy party in honour of "buddy" (Toy Story) I am anti-commercial themes and so am doign most of the work myself.

Here is my idea board:

Do you see those cowprint balloons!? I NEED them, do you know how hard they are to find and have shipped to Canada?! I found them on oritental trading but they won't make it here in time and they won't ship Canadian orders to the USA (becuase I could just drive over and pick them up!) I am hoping to have luck with another site! I have orderede L's shirt and crossing my fingers it arrives in time. The postal strike over here really slowed things down!


Laney said...

What a cute idea & OMG the balloons sooooo need those, they are awesome. No way our kiddos are going to be 2, i just don't believe it. & good Luck on your exam!!

Jillian said...

That will be so cute!! Love it !