Friday, June 3, 2011

Big Thoughts!

I am halfway thru my course! So far we are doign a great job of balancing everything. Les has really stepped up and is a huge help to me with everything. He just started a new job (to add to the chaos!) that requires him to work 8 hour shifts instead of 12s. The has meant he is spending a lot more time at home and with Logan. Its GREAT! Logan is really starting to become more of a daddy's boy, which is great. I think it will be especially helpful when baby # 2 comes!
Oh and not ONLY am I balancing everything, I'm ROCKING my course! I got a 94% on my midterm!! This is STATS people! Yay me! (I've been working my butt off!)
Logan has really started to LIKE sleep. We still cosleep most of the time (and love it!) But when he is going to sleep or wants to sleep/is tired he clenches his little eyes shut so tight. Its almost as if he is willing himself to sleep!
Just receantly he has started saying "Amen" after prayers AND he now says "I love you" melt my heart!!
He sleeps everynight with his baby. He asks for "baby" when he is sleepy. We have been TRYING to limit his pacifier use to bedtime, its a STRUGGLE. Most of my evenings I tuck my boys in bed, as above and then retreat to my books and stay up till somehere between 12-2am studying and doing school work.
We finally have warm DRY weather (we actually set a record for rainfall so far this year!) We have been taking advantage of time outside. Logan LOVES his water table and he sticks his entire head in the water!! Silly boy :)
He also loves his bike and electric scooter. This boy can DRIVE! I was shocked, but he's really good. He has a new obsession with keys and locks and has to be the one to lock and unlock the door everytime we leave the house.
He is such a fearless little guy! We went to a festival and he LOVED all the rides. His favourite was the giant slide and as soon as we would get to the bottom he was yell AGAIN! ha
He also did some flying rides, teacups and the carousel. HE laughed and laughed. He was so sad when we ran out of tickets! He kept asking to go on the big crazy rides that scare me! I think we need to arrange a trip to an amusement park this year!
I am doing good with the balance of work and school, and mommyhood and the house and of course my marriage, things are really good. HOWEVER my weight watchers journey has taken a back burner, for sure. Its so hard to plan and manage ANYTHING let alone counting points and measuring. I know this sounds like a cop out. The other thing is that we are going to be starting to TTC #2 SOON. I am ready NOW but I debate because the rest of our lives are so busy. But really when will you ever feel 100% ready!? We originally planned on starting to try in August (hoping for a spring baby to work around work/school-seriously) however i know there is no guarantee and soem things as hard as you try you just can't control. Les thinks we should just "see what happens" and not chart etc like we did last time. That sounds tempting but I'm not sure my Type A/OCD self can handle that....I guess time will tell!

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Scullyhoyy said...

Congrats on kicking butt in school. Logan is adorable! & yeah your never really ready for another baby. Good Luck!! & I couldn't just see what happens either I have to feel like I am controling everything. LOL