Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Crazy Days

Things are officially crazy in our house!! We are busy and stressed. But L continues to be the light to get us thru, he is a true joy!!
We are slowly working on potty training. I wish I had 3 solid days at home I believe that if I just put him in big boy underwear and went to the potty often with prompting he would train. He LOVES his big boy underwear and has successfully asked and done to the potty (#1 and #2) several times. I'm hoping to accomplish this during the summer.
Isn't her cute in his Thomas undies!? Do you see my mess of a house in the background?! Ugh!

I've started school, its going OK. I am not finding the work itself difficult at all. Its intro statistics. I took the course during my undergrad. Its more the 8 hrs a week I am gone for class/lab and the time required for studying/doing assignments. So far I am handling it OK.

My mom is a saint and when she had L Sunday while Les & I both worked she came and cleaned my house. We have managed to keep it up so far! Its a struggle. Les has been more helpful. Its his 3rd of 4 12 hr shifts today, so he is tired and cranky.
I am prayerful that all this work and strain will be rewarded in my future with a job that suits our family better! And one that I can really make a difference in!

We are still thinking of #2. Although we have A LOT going on right now, I feel like its time. We are hoping to add to the family in the next year or two. We are committed to a young family right now and would like L and his sibling to be about 3 years apart!

Our biggest struggle right now is financially. And this makes NO sense. We both have good jobs (we are both registered nurses) and make good money. We didn't buy a house out of our means. However I am making less then I did when we first got married and we tend to (out of habit) spend a lot on eating out and other luxuries that we are trying to cut back on. I need to work on a budget, we had never had to live on a budget before. Anyone have any tips for me? I am the financial one in the house, and i have a lot going on already!

This is the face L makes when we pray, or when I tell him to close his eyes and go to sleep! Its hilarious! He is a lot of fun right now. Talking a lot, he has about 80-100 words, he is finally starting to put 2 words together a bit more consistently and even said a 3 words sentence the other day! "Daddy help me!" hahaha Les was tickling him and he yelled this between fits of laughter! Of course then Les and I were both in hysterics. It was very dramatic!
I think he is working on his 2nd year molars. He still has his guk (pacifier) and I know I need to work on getting rid of it. I'm not ready for that just yet, maybe once some of my current challanges are behind me!


Mamalove said...

I can totally relate to much of what you are saying. My husband and I have just recently created a family budget; we found great resources on the gail vaz oxlade website. She's the woman from the T'il debt do us part show. Good luck and know that you are not alone in your crazy days!

Scullyhoyy said...

I think that meal planning really helps with budget. Make your menu based on what is for sale at the market. & always have coupons.
Wow big boy getting potty trained:)