Monday, May 9, 2011

A little time away...

In my pre baby days I always said that Les and I would make time for date nights and vacations just the two of us even after we had children. I believed ( and still do) that a strong, loving, healthy marriage is what a family needs to be based upon. I am the first to admit that in day to day life and the chaos that comes along with it we are not always able to make this a priority as we should. We often take things out on eachother, take eachother for granted and just let things slide. We both still love eachother, and while we do have date nights once every 4-6 weeks its not what we thought it would be, before this little man came along...

He STILL likes to lounge on the nursing pillow in the morning. I prop him up on the bed with a cup of milk and he watches cartoons while I do my hair!

Anyways....a few months ago some friends invited us on an adult couples trip to Vegas. Neither of the other 2 couples going have children. I really debated on this. I KNEW in my head we should do it, and Les REALLY wanted to go. It was a bit of a stretch money wise and my heart did not want to leave Logan AT ALL. But Les persisted and I will admit I "gave in".

We arranged for my mom & sister to take care of L and booked the trip! I was a ball of nerves before we left!

But once we were there I was fine. I am SO glad we did it! We really needed it. It was great to relax and enjoy eachother and our friends. I missed L like crazy and I had some serious mama guilt about spending our time & money on a trip that wasn't family oriented (I feel strongly that we should focus on our family). But I am very happy with did it! Here are a few photos...

Here we are all dressed up, we went to a DELICIOUS restaurant (Fiamma Tattoria) in MGM and then dancing at studio 54!

Here I am I cut my hair short again and I am really happy with it!

We spent most days at the pool. And one day the boys went golfing and the girls had a spa day, it was AMAZING!!

We even saw a few famous people!! I saw Tom Calichio (Top Chef judge) at our hotel and said "HI TOm, I love your show!" I'm such a nerd! LOL

And then we saw Sugar Shane Mosely leaving the adidas store!! Its a bad shot, but it was him in the black track suit!! His guards are carrying his bags!

He is a boxer he lost this past Saturday to the Filipino fighter, Manny Paquiao, we wished we had seen him but no such luck!

And then at the airport I saw Nelly! Not the best pic, but here is what I got!


Ashley D said...

You look GREAT!

Jillian said...

I'm so happy you went!! L is so young that it was good to get away and he will never remember it!! I want to go on a girls trip when A is one and I think it will be great for me! But of course I will feel super guilty, mom guilt is always there! And wow, pretty cool you saw Nelly!