Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Really sick baby :(

They say that the first year a child is in daycare involves many illnesses, that they need to build up their immune system. Well, Logan is certainly doing that!
Last Monday Logan went for hsi well baby exam and got his 12 month vacinations. Wednesday afternoon he woke up from his nap miserable and feverish. I assumed it was from his shots and started giving Tylenol & Motrin. This continued all night. The following day we called his doc who said that if it reached 40 degrees we needed to go to the ER. Well sure enough Thursday night his temp spiked to 40.3 degress (this is around 105 F). Off we went to the ER, they examined him did bloodwork and catheterized him for a urine sample. This was brutal. My poor little baby was traumatized. The concluded it was a double ear infection and after 6 hrs we were sent home early Friday morning with a perscription.
The entire weekend Logan continued with a fever despite Tylenol & Motrin around the clock. He would seem to be doing better, be fever free and playing and BOOM you would see him start to turn. He would cry and thrash and moan and just want to be held and then you could feel him heating up.
Monday we brought him to our family doctor who examined him and changed the antibiotic, concluding the first was not working. He said within 24 hrs the fevers should be gone. Again, at first he seemed a bit better and then yesterday afternoon it happened again, the same ordeal, crying and a fever. Our doctor advised us to go back to the ER.
They were wonderful at the hospital. A week long temp in a baby is serious enough for fast attention. After some blood work, an IV and a chest x-ray (my poor poor baby) they diagnosed him with pnuemonia. They started IB antibiotics and sent us home with the IV lock in his arm. We go back this afternoon for further assessment by a peadiatrician. He has just been sleeping, hsi colour is a little pale/grey and he is moany. He did wake for a bottle but is still refusing to eat (he has been for a week). I am anxious and pray they do not admit him, however we will do whatever is best for him.
Oh and I am SO sick, pretty sure I am developing pnuemonia myself. After I get my baby all settled I will be heading in for a chest x-ray of my own.
Thoughts and prayers are being gladly accepted! This was our vacation week we were supposed to go away!


Mitzi G. said...

I am so sorry & my thoughts & prayers are with your family!!

I'm Just Sayin' - Kerri said...

Oh Sarah I'm soo sorry you and Logan are sick. I will be praying for you all, and that Les doesn't get sick too! Get us updated in the bloggy world.

Jillian said...

Poor baby!! I will be praying for both of you guys!!

Sonya said...

Oh no! I hope you both feel much better soon!