Monday, August 16, 2010

C is for:A photo story

This morning I decided to take out Logan's cue cards of the alphabet, I bought them when I was pregnant and we hadn't played with them yet. We have the alphabet up on the wall in his playroom and he loves looking at it. If you say "Logan where is the alphabet?" he turns to it!
And then I sing the song. We also have the leap frog magnet alphabet toy and he loves that as well.
So I layed the cards on the floor and when he picked one up I would say the letter, the sound and the corresponding word.
When he picked up the C card, I said C, S says ccc, like CAT, what do cats say Logan? then I meowed....well my smarty pants little boy picked up the C card and walked over to our Cat, Calvin, to show him the card. I am serious, Les was there! He is so stinkin smart!
Here's the story, complete with photos!

Logan: Look Calvin! C for CAT, just like YOU!

Calvin: I will bite you! (and he did!)

Calvin: I'll bite your stupid card too!

Logan: I just want to play!
Calvin: Go away stupid baby!

Logan: what's his problem mama?

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Jillian said...

Love it!! So smart:)