Saturday, June 12, 2010

Party Planning....

On top of the rest of the craziness of life I am super party planning mode. L's first birthday is 42 days away! ((tear)) I can't believe how quickly he has grown. We are doing a pirate party! The colours are red and blue. I am making the invitations and a lot of the decor. I have been really busy getting all of my ideas and order. And finally I have an inspiration board put together,
tell me what you think...any ideas to add?
We have a HUGE guest list, at about 90 people (yup seriously). Since we really feel strongly about having the party at our house we plan on doing an open house to best accomodate everyone. Can I ask everyone to please pray for nice weather? We will be setting up some tents and really count on using the outside!
I have ordered that awesoem cake in the center and plan on doign cupcakes for the guests who come before cake time. I am makign collages and organizing L's photos to have around the house. I had really hoped to have his photo book ready but it just doesn't seem possible at this point.
We are getting a bouncy castle for the kiddies, a slushie machine, cotton candy machine and will have lots of munchie type foods.
I also plan on having a craft table for the kiddies to decorate their own pirate swords. I have ordered L a special outfit and will be making his birthday banner myself. I am a little overwhelmed and really excited!


Shandell said...

how fun! we're doing a pirate party too for our son's first.

Jillian said...

Emerson b-day party is this Saturday and I am stressing!! I have almost everything done but I just want everything to be perfect!!

Mitzi G. said...

Sounds like it is going to be a GREAT party!!