Friday, June 25, 2010


I have always loved scrapbooking. I found it relaxing, inspiring to sit and cut and plan and glue. When I was pregnant I dreamed of making a beautiful keepsake for my baby. I was going to make each of my children a beautiful book each year. It would start with their birthday and go thru the entire year highlighting of coures holidays, special moments or jsut wonderful photos. I was going to stay caught up with it so I was not overwhelmed with beign behind. Well, things did not go as planned.

Things got so busy and while I went out and bought (oh the money you can spend on scrapbooking!) I never had a chance to sit and get started. Even if I had been able to sit down and start, I would have to pull everything out and pack it away, or maybe find a place to leave it all out. Then there was sorting thru all of Logan's digital photos, choosing which ones I would scrap, uploading them, printing them, picking them up. Its just felt like too big a feat. So I kept putting it off, and all the while had major mama guilt about it.

And then I found Kelle Hampton. Seriously, if you don't read her blog you should. She is amazing, and her daughters are beautiful. She just seems to do it all, the kind of mama I always thought I would be, the one I'm working to become. She bakes, crafts, photographs and loves on those girls fiercly. And she makes them photobooks. Amazing beautiful inspiring books.

And so I have gone digital. It just makes sense, I can leave it and come back to it. Sure the actual hardcover 12x12 amazing book will be a pretty penny, but surely not more then the cost of all that goes into a scrapbook. I was gifted photoshop elements 8.0 by my wonderful sisters and took soem of Kelle's advice on embellishment sites (OMG you guys you can get them FREE)

And so here is the start of Logan's first year book! (Now my plan is to play catch up with this as I stay caught up on year 2!)


A Baby Peach said...

Adorable! I am the same way, but with his baby book. I'd love to do something like this b/c I feel bad I have slacked off as well - thanks for the ideas/links!

Jillian said...

I LOVE to scrapbook but have no time for it anymore!! So I made a photobook just through shutterfly! I plan on making one every year for each kid! We'll see!!

Mitzi G. said...

Thank you for sharing those........they are really beautiful!!