Friday, June 8, 2012

Eliya you are two months old!! Where has the time gone!?
You are getting so BIG, your cheeks are the best! Mommy loves to kiss them and EVERYONE says they want to pinch them!
You are 10 lbs 14.5 oz, which is the 85-97%tile for your corrected age and right around the 50th for your actual age.
You are 22 inches long!
You are in size 1 diapers (just moved up!) and in mostly 0-3 month clothing.
You fit in some newborn still but I don't think they will last long!
You have some tummy trouble and acid reflux, but since we started you on medicine for it you are much happier!
Mommy loves dressy you up and you almost always have a headband on!
You are starting to coo and smile and already I think that you will be more talkative then your big brother was!
You are starting to notice the things and people around you, especially Logan. I can tell you adore him and can't wait to watch the two of you grow into great friends.
You love to snuggle and be worn in a carrier.
You are a mama's girl!
You are exclusively breastfed and nurse every 2-6 hours on demand. You are not an agressive eater like your brother your calm and laid back.
You dont' take a guk very much at all,  you prefer to nurse! Stinker :)
You slept thru the night once, and mama wouldn't mind if you did that a few more times!
You sleep thru anything and anywhere, I hope that continues. You also sleep better in your bassinet then your brother did, however you are still in our room, I like to have you close by!
I love watching you grow but baby girl I wish it would slow down!
We are trying to savour every single moment with you two because its really going by way too fast! 


Laney said...

OMG Look at her! what a cutie!

abhasoft said...

thank you