Monday, April 30, 2012

Eliya turned one month old on April 22nd!
Ellie, you are such a sweet girl, you light up our world.
Your big brother totally adores you already.
You have grown so much already! You weigh 8lbs 12oz, which means you gained 3 lbs in the last  month! This puts you in the 35th percentile for your UNcorrected age!
You are an excellent little eater! You nurse every 2-3 hrs usually and a few times in the last month you have slept 4-6 hrs at night!
It would be great if you keep doing that.
You are so strong! And have excellent head control already.
You LOVE to be held and worn, your our little snuggle bum!
You are in newborn size clothing still but I don't think you will be much longer!
You are still in newborn diapers as well.
Mama is having so much fun dressing you up!
You have two alert periods a day, usually in the morning and again later in the evening, you stay awakie for the entire 2-3 hours between feeds!
Your pretty good to have out and about and have been on several big shopping trips already!
You do not seem to care for a guk like your brother did,
you much prefer to nurse and snuggle with mama!
We are so in love with you.
 I love watching your brother play with you and dote on you.
Its amazing to me how complete the two of you make me feel.
I know you are going to do amazing things my sweet girl!

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